Horse Professor

Dr. Ken Marlborough — The Horse Professor —  has taught English and Western riding in Iowa and California since 1995. He also wrote and illustrated the book, Trail Riding.  The book was originally used in his riding course at Kirkwood College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  He began his career in the equine industry as a Trail Guide in 1985 and has worked in this capacity since that time.  He trains horses using an approach that emphasizes learning in the horse while earning their trust and respect.  Ken has managed riding stables in California too.

Ken, sometimes called “Doc” by his students, earned his Ph.D. in Education at the University of Iowa, focusing on “learning by doing.”  One of the areas he researched was college internships in the equine industry. He earned an A.A.S. degree in Horse Science at Kirkwood College, specializing in colt starting, and received teaching credentials in Equine Science, Education and Psychology, while in Iowa.

Doc is frequently asked if he is the Marlboro Man or if he is from Marlboro Country.  Actually both concepts are trademarked, copyrighted, and owned by Marlboro Cigarettes.  He’s quick to state that he has no connection with tobacco products, cigarette companies or their advertisements, and does not even smoke.  The association between him and the Marlboro Man is purely coincidental. However, he likes the connection because it helps people remember his name.

Ken has served on college Equine Science advisory and oversight committees in Iowa and California and consults in the area of college equine programs.  Ken has many publications, including Trail Riding, and regional, national or international conference presentations in the fields of Psychology, Student Development, Experiential Learning, and Program Evaluation. His cartoon “Broomtail,” featured in The Equestrian News and , showcases some very talkative Mustangs. Ken won two national awards for humor cartoons in college newspapers for 1998 and 2000 from Columbia University.

His column, “The Horse Professor” has been a feature at since 2009.

Learn to Ride – All About Lessons.

  • Doc’s approach to riding is balance and “Safety First.”
  • He teaches western, English, and trail riding.
  • Lessons are designed to the individual needs of students.
  • Students are accepted from age 8 and up.
  • Rider weight limit is 240 pounds.
  • Teaching topics start with the fundamentals of safety and control of the horse and develop as quickly as the ability and interest of the student allows.

Teaching Location
Sunset Ranch
3400 Beachwood Drive
Hollywood, CA 90068

Contact Information
(323) 842-6319