Icelandic Horses Can Handle the Cold


porhildur Harpa Gunnarsdottir
@I Love Icelandic Horses

  • Hi. When you posted that winter photo from our Icelandic Horses page yesterday there were 20 or more comments about the poor horses out in the cold, and stuff like that. I am 15 and live in Iceland, and am writing so people will understand better the Icelandic horse. The icelandic horse is small hardy breed of horses. They usually are around 14.2hands. The icelandic horse can come in any color. In the summer, their coat is short and shiny, but in the winter, their coats can grow up to four inches long, and all of them grow a long beard. They can handle a cold winter storm well. They would rather be outside in the cold than  standing inside with warm blanket! The icelandic horse has 5 gaits and is the purest breed in the world!



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