I am a pug puppy and my name is Sunflower. I was beaten by a homeless man and lost my eye. I also have a little limp but I am adorable and still have a sunshine personality. Heart of a Horse heard about me on a radio station and rescued me from the shelter where I was operated on and my time was running out. I need a home and will reward you with kisses and hugs. If there is anyone in the area of Los Angeles and Ventura counties in California who has a home for me please call Heart of a Horse at 805-377-3302 or email them at

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A few days ago, I was called by Officer Vail of animal control about a horse that had been left in its stall and was in extremely poor condition and needed emergency attention. His owner was an illegal who had committed a crime and was sent back to Mexico. As I drove out to see the horse, I thought to myself, “Is this going to be as bad as it sounds?” I prepared myself mentally and emotionally so that I would not be overwhelmed by what I was getting ready to see.

When I reached the site, I saw that all the stalls were make-shift constructions of plywood and fencing, and they were filthy. Before I got out of my truck I saw Officer Vail hauling a hose. I said “Hi Officer Vail, what’s going on?” She said, “I can’t believe it these stalls have no water in them and it’s so hot. I don’t like what I’m seeing right now.” It was over 100 degrees.

Lazarus Left In His Stall to Die

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Heart of a Horse Benefit August 28th 2011

Dodger Great Mike Piazza at the Heart of a Horse Benefit August 28th 2011
Play the Video and see Indy take the Walk of “I Was Saved” that Covergirl Cool took before him.
Our benefit was a resounding success. More than 200 people attended and had a great time. Indy — our thoroughbred rescue — was so happy at all the attention he kicked up his heels to celebrate. See it all on the video. (more…)

Saving Thoroughbreds
Helen, April and Kingdom Found
Helen, April and Kingdom Found

On Saturday I visited the United Pegasus Foundation in Tehachapi. It is a rescue ranch for thoroughbreds  run by a wonderful woman named Helen Meredith.

Helen is a former jockey who stands about five-feet high and is in her late sixties or early seventies. She was born in England and started racing horses in France when she was fifteen. This was when her love for horses began and why she has devoted her own “retirement” years to saving these wonderful animals. She has the hardened look of someone who does physical work all day in the sun, but underneath there beats a heart that is as soft and caring as anyone I have ever met. (more…)


Heart of a Horse Goes To The Kentucky Derby






The Mint Julep

The Paint With No Name, Our Helper Ava, and A Friend