Horse Rescue


This is Indy,a tattooed thoroughbred rescue, getting his vaccines from Dr. Kevin Smith, DVM. Indy is about 15 years old and was used for racing and jumping, and was mightily abused by those who owned him. When he came to Heart of a Horse he had serious back problems and trust issues as result of that abuse. Heart of a Horse took Indy into its care over a year ago. Heart of a Horse volunteers rehabbed him and retrained him. He’s a wonderful horse and is in good health but he was a lot of horse to begin with and combined with memories of his neglect it makes him a challenging ride. As Abigail Curtis his trainer says, “He can be a very cheeky boy.” We are looking for someone experienced with horses who would adopt Indy and give him a forever home. We would also welcome a call from anyone who would be willing who would provide Indy with a pasture where he could hang out and enjoy his golden years. Indy has given a lot to others and he has earned a good retirement in return. We are also looking for someone who would sponsor Indy’s retirement, which would increase his chances of finding that pasture he deserves. If you can help, call 805-377-3302 or write to us at Or send us a note in Messages.



I was asked by the Humane Society to help them place these horses. If you are able to take one of these horses or know someone who is, please call the Humane Society of Ojai and ask to talk to Sherry. The Humane Society does charge an adoption fee for its horses.


All three horses are friendly and seem to love people and other horses. They are not recommended for beginners.

“Secret” is a 12 year old mare from the 2008 Lockwood Valley case. She is a cribber, but we are working on trying to correct the habit. She is sound, and would do well on a trail.

“Sadie” Sadie is a 15 year old mare, also from the 2008 Lockwood Valley case. She is lame, and would make a great pasture buddy.

“Holly” Holly is a 10 year old mare from a 2009 Case. She would be a good trail horse.

Courtesy of Humane Society of Ventura County



These are some of the horses at the Ojai Humane Society whom we have supported with hay and whose welfare we have promoted through videos and radio and TV interviews. If you want to donate directly to the Humane Society, here is a link: Along with these horses Heart of a Horse is supporting many others and many rescue organizations. We appreciate all the help that you are giving to us and to our horses in need.



She’s a super sweet Thoroughbred bay filly. Still a baby at on 1year old and not broke to ride. She needs some training but is willing to learn. This horse has not been able to be put in a trailer yet.


Super sweet, bay mare. She’s retired from her life on the track and was used as a brood mare. She’s 10 years old . 15 1/2 hands


Maurice is a gentle Bay gelding 1 1/2 years old . He needs some work, and is looking for the right person to work with!


Bay mare, very nice. 15 hands  15 years old. She’s a retired race horse and some injuries in her front legs. Lame in front feet.


Gracie is a  Thoroughbred filly 1 1/2 years old. She’s got a nice disposition but is in need of the right home!


My name is Bridge. I am trained for dressage. My owner got sick and gave me to a trainer who was not very nice. When I didn’t do what he wanted, he cracked my jaw. I have a lot of issues from being abused. I get scared at times. But Cindy loves me. My home is with CCHR.