About The Founder

My name is April Horowitz, the founder and CEO of The Heart of a Horse Foundation. This amazing and life changing foundation was created on a rather depressing note. I witnessed the death of my neighbor’s horse due to malicious neglect and having horses of my own I found this unacceptable. Horses have been placed on the back burner over the last several years due to the decline of America’s economy. People were and still are being foreclosed on and simply can’t care for or take their horses with them. The cost of caring for horses has gone up while the cash flow in many homes has gone down. I want to share with you my mission to rescue our equine companions during these tough times and well into the future.

The mission of The Heart Of A Horse Foundation (HOAH) is quite simple when considering ethical and humane care, treatment and rescue of our equine companions. With 7 million horses in the United States alone The American Horse Council estimates there are over 170,000 unwanted and uncared for horses. Each year, 100,000 American horses are slaughtered unnecessarily. The Heart of a Horse Foundation’s mission is to maintain and stimulate the unwavering well-being of horses in America.

The primary goals held by HOAH are to rescue horses via horse welfare, support safe, monitored horse involved sports and natural horse retirement.

The Heart of a Horse Foundation conducts horse rescue by providing support to horses in need. Whether they have been neglected or abused it is our duty to remove said horses from destructive environments and rehabilitate them into loving homes. The Heart of a Horse Foundation also works directly with the horse community providing welfare assistance in the form of hay, medicine and educational programs.

Horses have a dominant role in major sports such as racing and polo. HOAH fully supports a horse’s natural need to run athletically but in a safe and standardized way.  The Heart of a Horse Foundation will support these industries by finding homes for retired horses as an alternative to slaughter.

Please join our effort to help horses in need.